Roaster Of The Month, March 2016: Carolina Coffee Roasting

Carolina Coffee


Our coffee of the month club members will be receiving fresh coffee from Carolina Coffee Roasting Company this month. Originally, they operated as a couple of local coffee shops in Greensboro, SC. In 2003, they decided to focus solely on mastering the art of roasting coffee is small batches. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Carolina Coffee. I can can assure you they value freshness as much as we do.

Here are this months coffee of the month club selections:

Single Origin: Mexico Rain Forest Alliance

This month we travel to Mexico for our single origin. It comes from a region called Xicotepec de Juarez located in the state of Puebla in central-eastern Mexico.

The coffee is certified Rain Forest Alliance. This means it comes from a farm that has been trained and practicing methods to help ensure the long-term well-being of farm communities, forests, and wildlife on which we all depend.

Cupping Notes: Baking spice, chocolate, molasses with a bit of green fruit in the finish. Very balanced, medium-bodied with crisp acidity.



Roasters Blend: Blue Ridge Blend

A blend of Ethiopian coffee from the Mocha Harrar region and French Roast Columbian. Cupping notes: sweet, bakers chocolate.


Flavored: Nutty Irishman

Just like adding a touch of Bailey’s Irish Cream with a light hazelnut aroma.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!