Roaster of the Month, January 2016: Kornerstone Coffee


Happy New Year! Kornerstone Koffee is our first featured roaster for 2016, and another Buffalo-based business committed to getting coffee lovers the best product available:

“Great coffee is our passion. Kornerstone Coffee focuses on getting the perfect roast out of the world’s best beans. Great customer service is our commitment. You deserve to get the best brew out of those beans so we are here to answer your questions anytime.

Growing coffee is an amazingly complex, delicate and constantly evolving process. And just like grape vineyards, coffee farms produce vastly different crops from year to year. We are dedicated to finding the best beans from each coffee season and bringing those to you, our customer. Take a journey with us around the world with a cup of Kornerstone Coffee.”

Since 1999, Kenmore, NY’s Kornerstone Coffee has imported and micro-roasted superior coffee beans to order, resulting in incomparable freshness for Western New York residents. Beginning distribution throughout the entire U.S., Kornerstone will give the rest of the country a chance to see what they’re missing!

Take a look at what we’ll be sending our coffee of the month club members from Kornerstone in January:

Single Origin Coffee: Democratic Republic of Congo Kivu Butembo Village (Organic Fair Trade)

Grown at altitudes of 5000-6000 feet on the tropical plateau around Lake Kivu in the DRC, this coffee is full-bodied with dark chocolate and spice notes and shines at a medium to dark roast. Because this is also a fair trade coffee, premiums are used to ensure environmentally and socially sustainable infrastructure for the residents of Butembo.

Blend: Central and South American Blend

100% Arabica beans from Central and South America create a medium roast, fuller-bodied, smooth coffee with low acidity. Blends are designed to emphasize only the best characteristics of the beans used, and this is an example of a perfect harmony of flavors combining to create a wonderful cup of coffee.

Flavored: Blizzard of ’77

This coffee features creamy coconut and white chocolate with a cool mint finish. There’s nothing more perfect on a cold winter’s night than kicking back with a book or favorite show and having a cup of Blizzard of ’77 as a well-deserved treat. Unlike the real blizzard, this is an experience you’ll embrace again and again.

Check out their website for coffee trivia and tips on creating the perfect cup – perfect to enjoy with a hot, fresh beverage made from the best beans around. Enjoy!