Roaster Of The Month, February 2016: Bongo Java

Bongo Java

Bongo Java is Nashville’s oldest and most celebrated coffeehouse. Located in the hip Belmont/Hillsboro Village neighborhood across the street from Belmont University, the café is a gathering place for residents, students, musicians, artists and a few employed people as well.

The cafe opened Sunday, March 28, 1993 at 4pm and became world famous in December 1996 for the discovery of The Nun Bun, a cinnamon bun that many believe looks remarkably like Mother Teresa. This café or its sister store, Fido, have been named “Best Coffeehouse” by the Nashville Scene every year from 1994 to 2012.

Upstairs at Bongo is Nashville’s most intimate theater and music venue, the separately run Bongo After Hours Theatre.


Bongo Java Mission Statement

Bongo World supports communities by expanding the definition of quality to include how stuff is produced, purchased and served.

Therefore, we buy as much organically produced foods and coffee from regional producers as is practical. 100% of our coffee is organic, bought almost directly from small-scale producers and we likely buy more organic and regional produce, meats and cheeses than any restaurant group in town.

We hire a professional staff who are focused on customer service.  We have a large group of SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and BGA (Barista Guild of America) trained baristas and barista trainers.


Single Origin Coffee Selection – Bolivia Mejillones

Bolivian Mejillones coffee is a highly fragrant specialty coop coffee. The coffee is shade-grown under the lush canopy of the rainforest in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is robust, yet smooth and emits rich flavors of low-toned berry, almonds and chocolate with buttery undertones. Some refer to a toasty nuance.


Roaster Blend Selection – Hair of the Dog

This is an excellent breakfast coffee. Sweet and light bodied with mild berry-like acidity. Tasting notes of Blueberry, Toasted Oats and Brown Sugar.


Flavored Coffee Selection – Cinnamon Creme Brûlée

Silky vanilla, rich caramel with a hint of cinnamon.


Happy Valentine’s Day!