Roaster of the Month, December 2015: Lancaster County Coffee Roasters

Lancaster Co Coffee Roasters2

Our featured roaster for December 2015 is Lancaster County Coffee Roasters. A family-owned business located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they are committed to seeing that “deep traditions of handcrafted quality, appreciation of the harvest and respect for the farmer are in every handful of beans we roast.”

Providing central PA premier coffee services for more than 15 years, Lancaster County Coffee Roasters sources only the best beans from small farms around the world, which are freshly roasted each day. Hand blended and hand packed, there are no shortcuts here – because treating the beans with care also means treating the customers with care!

Custom roasting services include:

  • Select origin or custom blend;
  • Select customized roast profile;
  • Select whole bean or grind profile;
  • Select package size;
  • Submit package design or use our custom package design services;
  • Select production schedule; and
  • Select shipping destination or drop shipping services.


December 2015 Coffee Selections


Lancaster SumatraSumatra Mandheling – A single origin coffee, Sumatra Mandheling has no acidity. It features a heavy, full body complemented by an earthy, spicy, and robust taste. This delightful coffee also has an herbal aroma and chocolatey after tones. This coffee has been small batch roasted with the utmost care. A great coffee to have with dessert, especially dark chocolate cakes.



Lancaster StarbarnStarbarn – One of the signature blends, this is a dark, smoky French roast-style coffee. Able to withstand high temperature roasting, those who enjoy Starbarn may find it makes an excellent espresso base. The name is taken from a distinctive gothic revival barn style found in central PA with a distinctive louvered star logo. Fans of this blend claim to have fallen in love at first sip.



Lancaster Whoopie PieWhoopie Pie Like the bag says, this coffee is ooey gooey delicious! Like having a favorite cake dessert in liquid form, the ever-tempting Whoopie Pie Coffee features layers of rich, moist Devil’s Food cake notes surrounded by sweet marshmallow cream filling. No need to struggle to determine what food this goes best with.



We hope you enjoy!!