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What Is a Coffee Percolator?

Presto Percolator

If you’ve ever heard a cheerful “gurgling” sound coming from a coffeemaker – probably at a community event of some sort – then you’re a least a little bit familiar with the machine known as a percolator (or “perk,” to those who still adore it).

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Bolivia Mejillones Coffee

Bolivia Mejillones

Bolivian Mejillones coffee is a highly fragrant specialty coop coffee. This organic fair trade product is also noted for its certification as an SPP (Símbolo de Pequeños Productores). SPP is a grass-roots certification which belongs to small farm cooperatives located primarily in Central and South America.  The certification is limited to small production farms and […]

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The Best Ways to Store Your Coffee Beans

There’s no denying it, coffee is best when it’s fresh. And to enjoy coffee at its freshest you should wait to grind the beans only when you’re ready to brew. Of course, most people don’t have the luxury of buying beans daily and therefore they purchase beans by the bag. So this begs the question: […]

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What Does Single Origin Coffee Mean?

What is single origin coffee

Greetings! Today we’ll try to answer the question, what does single origin coffee mean? While coffee drinkers may find this a relatively “new” concept that began in the early 21st century, single origin coffee has actually been a mainstay of the coffee bean trade for hundreds of years.

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