Coffee Roaster of the Month for April 2016: Speeder & Earl’s

coffee roaster of the month for April 2016: Speeder & Earl's


I am very pleased to bring back an old friend, Speeder & Earl’s Coffee. They previously roasted for us way back in February 2012. As I worked with them, I was very impressed with their depth of knowledge. They educated me on why the beans I selected for you this month needed to be roasted a little on the darker side. I usually try to get everything medium roasted, so this is a little darker than you usually receive. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!


About Speeder & Earl’s

Speeder & Earls opened their doors in June of 1993. They are located in Burlington, Vermont. It started and still is a family owned business, as the next generation continues to roast and brew some of the finest coffee in the Northeast.

All of the coffee they roast is done in small batches and shipped within days or even hours after the beans are roasted. Take a look at their Roaster Philosophy page on their website and you will see they know what they’re doing.


April 2016 Coffee of the Month Selections

1. The Single Origin is Java Estate

Republic of Indonesia Map

Republic of Indonesia Map

The most popular of the Indonesian beans.  They come from small estate farms, and produces a rich, hearty cup. For more information about this region, check out our post All About the Island of Java in Indonesia.


2. The Roaster Blend is called Speeders Blend

Their trademark blend. A blend of South American beans. Some French roasted, some full city roasted.


3. The Flavored coffee is called Black Forest Chocolate

Inspired by the German black forest cake. The beans are French roasted, full body, and a higher acidity coffee.